Why do pool cleaners appear and how they work?


Best robotic pool cleaners has came out and play an important role in cleaning pool become easier .


This robot can replace us scouring at a depth of 3 meters of the pool; suck  litter, moss, algae on the floor and garbage …

As recommended by the Preventative Medicine Center, the risk of spreading disease in the pool water which is not  ensure hygiene is very high. Therefore, in addition to change water in pool daily, we should concern on cleaning pool. Specifically, the public pool should be cleaned daily to maintain water quality in the limit to ensure hygiene. Additionally, algae and moss clinging to the walls and floor of the pool must also be removed.

Water pool need to be cleaned every day.

Sucking the dust cleanly

That is the obligate requirement in cleaning process for the pool but now in most of the pool, the cleaning is done only by hand, so even if the labor-intensive, the level of cleanliness still was not guaranteed. According to a representative of some Water Park,  the employee was using to clean the pool according to the manual methods with a large area take much time but still not ensure everything will be clean. In the deep-water area of 2.4 m, people must dive to clean up. That is not a simple work, take much time even take risk.

Not all the pool cleaners are the same. With the development  in science and technology, best robotic pool cleaner make the cleaning more convenient  and more effective than traditional cleaning methods. Compared with cleaning treatment by chemicals, we believe that  best pool cleaners will make water in the pool clean and less chemicals, safe for your health.

The scratch and  nozzle brush with high technology  help us suck all strange things , garbage, dirty water,.. All will be filtered through garbage bags then returned to pool water completely cleaned including the areas which was supposed need to use a  large amounts of chemicals to clean. Chemicals also unsuitable for the pool cleaner in cleaning  process . Without chemical the pool will not only clean abut also safe.

Best robotic pool cleaners is a vital invention in helping clean water pool.

 Pressure Cleaning

Strong chemical cleansers help clean surface but will leave in place the backwater a residual surplus. Robotic pool cleaners also use pressure from booster pump to clean dirt areas completely .

Not only scouring pool, small impurities like dust in the pool is also sucked into the filter bags and cleaning. This is the outstanding advantages of the robot than human manual.

suction-side and pressure-side cleaners are working based  on the pool’s main pump and filter system. They will remove contaminants from the pool water, so cannot remove particles smaller than the pore size of the pool’s existing filter element. Such elements can be made of diatomaceous earth, sand, zeolite or other natural or synthetic materials. Diatomaceous filters only work with the particle size ranges from under 5 µm and  in excess of 50 µm for sand filters. But the disadvantages of these types of pool cleaners are the additional of using  electricity, and the pore size of the main filter element was limited, as well to attach the device to the ports that connect to the main pump and filter take much time and effort, and the increased burden of maintenance time and expense on the pool’s mechanics.

Flexibility in water


Robot operation is based on the principle of suction push. Dirty water and debris are drawn into the heart of the robot by motor pumps, garbage is retained in the body of the robot through the garbage bag, the water is pushed out as the principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner. Thus, the type of moss, algae on the floor and waste products, impurities, sand and gravel in the bottom of pool are depleted. The robot can work at a depth of 3 m.

Cleaning pools without cleaners is not just time consuming, it is also boring and beside than you also have to had other special equipment go along with. Now everything will be simple with the best pool cleaner

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Finding the best pump and filter for your pool in a surprisingly easy way


Finding the best pool pump and filter for your pool’s operating system is an important task as it decides the quality of the water in your pool.  After all, you are swimming in it!

These guys have the responsibility of keeping your water filtered and best robotic pool cleaner for above ground pool, and purchasing the wrong ones for your pool can do just the opposite of that. Not to worry, though, as in this article, we shall help you find out which pump and filter combination is a perfect fit for your pool.

Finding the best pump and filter for your pool

The pump and filter system is like the Romeo and Juliet of your pool.  They rely heavily on each other to get the job done, and when to put separately,  they have little use than being decorative attachments for your pool. The pump does the heavy lifting, moving water through the filter while its companion does the cleaning.

Our quest for the best pool pump and filter combination comprises two main steps:

 Step 1. The Pump

Besides moving water through the filter, the pump also has quite an important task of creating a circulation in your pool, thus preventing the growth of algae. When purchasing with a pump for best above ground pool for your family, there are many factors you should put into consideration:

+ Size:  Bigger isn’t always better, this especially rings true when it comes to pool pumps. While using a small pump can result in less filtering and circulation efficiency,  a pump way above the needs of your pool can overpower and damage your filter system, not to mention increased operating costs. This is why the first thing you need to do is to calculate the size of your pool, in turn, the amount of water your pool contains.

The next thing to consider is the GPH rate, or how much gallons per hour you want to be pumped to clean all the water in your pools in, say, 12 hours. You can find out by simply dividing your calculated gallons by 12.

For example, if you want your 12000-gallon-pool to be cleaned in said amount of time, you will need to have a gph of 12000 gallons/ 12 hours or 1000 GPH, which, in turn, requires a pump with the power equivalent of 1000 GPH or 1000/60 GPM.

Energy Consumption:  Besides the usual electric and gas pump, solar-powered models are also on the rise. While they are not as practical or reliable,  solar cells are environmentally friendly and can help you save a lot of money, considering the huge amount of electricity required by most pumps.

Solar pumps are also much less prone to water-related damage, as they take electricity directly from solar cells instead of the usual wiring. Most products also include batteries, so your pool won’t stop cleaning itself during a gloomy day.

+ The installation process and noise of a pump is also something you should take into consideration. You should consult your pump retailer for more information on the subject.

Step 2. The Filter

It is obvious that each filter comes with the distinctive advantages and drawbacks. Three most common types are described as the followings:

+ Sand Filter: This is one of the oldest and also most common filtering methods, despite them being one of the least effective. The sand filter is one of the largest of the filters, each of them holding hundreds of pounds of sand. Water is pumped through layers after layers of sand, trapping particles inside.

While the sand is only capable of trapping anything larger than 25 microns, the simple structure of the filter means it can come at an inexpensive price.  The major drawback with sand filters, however, is that they require a lot of maintenance:  sand filter must be washed weekly.

Otherwise, they will be rendered extremely ineffective. Removing particles from a sand filter requires backwashing that can cost you quite a lot of time or water. If you are finding a reasonable option and can spend a lot of free time on maintaining your pool, a sand filter is a suitable choice.

+ Cartridge Filter: A cartridge filter usually contains three of four polyester cartridges that act as filters. It has the capability of trapping small particles at 5 microns. These filters are the easiest to maintain of the three, and thus the common choice for most residential pools.

A cartridge filter also requires much less water pressure, so the pump’s power is not a problem with these guys.  Typically, it’s going to take a couple of months for the cartridges to be clogged, and maintaining them is pretty simple. You can wash them with a hose, or simply replacing them.  Cartridge filters do cost a bit more money, though. They are the best for inexperienced or busy pool owners.

+Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter: These filters are the most effective, capturing particles down to 3 microns. What’s special about these filters is that they use a filter grid coated with DE, which is made from fossilized plankton.

A problem with these filters is related to the maintenance, as DE is considered a hazardous material, and any of the Earth washed out during cleaning must be disposed of carefully and according to regulations.

The price is also something you should consider, as these are the most expensive of any filters.  I recommend this type only if you are willing to do some tough cleaning and find them affordable, but the price is worth it.


Now that we have learned everything needed to know, it is up to your choice to find out your best pool pump and your best pool filter. Good luck, and may your pool always be clean and shiny!






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Building An Arsenal For $500

Now we get to the fun part, actually putting together an arsenal. Let’s say that you are on the tightest of budgets. You might have just lost your job, monthly expenses are high, or you just don’t want to spend very much money.

But for whatever reason, you only have $500 to spend on an arsenal of guns. That’s right, just $500 and not a penny more.

Believe it or not, it’s still perfectly possible to build a quality arsenal with just this amount of money. Granted, you won’t be able to own each of the types of guns that we discussed above.

Instead, for $500, you’re going to have to focus on what at least I consider are the three single most important firearms to own: a .22 semi-automatic rifle, 12 gauge shotgun, and a 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

Why do I feel these are the three most important firearms to own? Because they are the most versatile firearms and cover most of your bases. You can use your .22 for cheap target shooting and small game hunting or pest control. You can use your 12 gauge shotgun for home defense, bird hunting, and big game hunting when loaded with slugs. And you can also use your 9mm pistol for home defense in addition to concealed carry or just as an SHTF sidearm.

So now what we need to do is decide how you can own each of these three guns while spending less than $500. I believe that you should be able to find a .22 semi-auto rifle for $125, a 12 gauge shotgun for $100, and a 9111m pistol for around $225. If you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you here:

  • Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22 Rifle ($125)

The Mossberg 702 Plinkster is one of the most budget friendly .22 rifles on the planet, and competes directly with the more expensive Ruger 10/22 and Marlin Model 60. While I love the 10/22 and the Model 60, you won’t be able to buy either of them for $125 (and especially not new). This gun is well perform with some best bipod for ar 15 also, if you have already own an AR 15 , this gun is ideal for you.

The Mossberg 702, on the other hand, can be purchased for $125 new if not less. For the money, it’s an excellent value and comes in a variety of different stocks and finishes. Standard weight is just four pounds with a length of thirty seven inches, making it very light and nimble. Standard capacity is 10 rounds, but 25 round magazines are also available to increase your firepower.

  • H&R 12 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun ($100)

I fully realize that a single shot shotgun is not the same thing as a pump or a semi. But at the same time, we’ve only allocated $100 towards spending on a shotgun, and a single shot breech loading will have to do in this scenario. You should easily be able to find a single shot 12 gauge shotgun such as one made by H&R for around $100 either new or used in good condition.

Since it’s a single shot, your rate of fire will be slower, but with enough practice you can get to be very quick with opening the action, loading in a new shell, and shutting the action shut to fire. It will certainly be better than nothing for home defense, and it will work just fine for hunting or clay shooting.

On the plus side, breech loading shotguns are very simple and reliable. There are very few moving parts, meaning there’s very little that can go wrong with them. So at the very least, you won’t need to worry about making repairs any time soon.

  • Taurus PTm Millennium G2 9mm ($225)

The Hi-Point series of pistols are commonly cited as being the best pistols for those on a serious budget. Personally though, I think the quality of the Hi-Points are not good enough for serious duty use or personal protection, and since we’ve only spent $225 so far, why not spend a little more on a better looking and more dependable pistol? For near distance of defense, best spyderco edc is a good item to equip with this gun.

The Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 is currently one of the best values for new pistols on the market. Its compact size means it can be easily concealed on your person, but it is also large enough with plenty of firepower to serve as an SHTF sidearm as well: standard capacity of the PT111 is 12 rounds of 9mm (or alternatively the PT140 holds 10 rounds of .40 S&W).

All in all, the PT111 has excellent ergonomics and has proven itself to be a reliable firearm. It does feature a frame mounted thumb safety’ on the side, which I don’t exactly think is necessary but is still there if you want it. It also features a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide behind the ejection port that you can physically feel in the dark to tell if the weapon is ready to fire as well.

As you can see, for less than $500, you can purchase a Mossberg 702 semi-automatic .22 rifle, a single shot 12 gauge shotgun, and a Taurus PT111

Millennium G2 9mm pistol. And what do you know, we actually saved money at $450 instead of the full $500. Well, not really, since you still have to pay sales tax. You’re going to end up paying around $500 if not a tad more for these three guns when you factor that in, but still, that’s not a bad price to pay for guns that are going to hold their value well.

I fully recognize that this list excludes some of the important guns we talked about having in the previous chapter, such as a big game hunting rifle or a semi-automatic defensive rifle. But remember, we only have $500 to spend. As a result, we have to make some sacrifices in regards to which guns we can have and which ones we can’t, and we also have to choose cheaper versions of the guns that we can have.


But as I said earlier, I believe the three most critical guns to own (if you could only own three) are a .22 rifle, 12 gauge shotgun, and a 9111111 pistol. With just $500 to spend, you can easily own all three of those. The Mossberg 702, H&R Shotgun, and Taurus PT111 may not be the top-of-the-line models in their respective categories, but they still hold their value well and will work for you until you have more money to spend in the future.

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In this modern time, people seem to have more concern about the difference of currencies and they tend to save more money for the future of their families. In choosing products like baby swing, mothers usually consider the price as the first factor. Of course, we are attracted by cheap products, discounts and sales campaign of any shop. Therefore, sometimes, for saving money, we pay so much attention to the price that we lose our right direction to select a baby swing to meet our babies’ demand. This is why there has been negative appraisal for the best baby swing 2015 recently. One note is that we have to know the way to hunt a cheap baby swing but it still has to be of high quality. In this article, I will give several tips and tricks for low price swing hunting.


Point out features of the swing that you need

The very first step is to point out all the features that you think a suitable baby swing have. It is also like analyzing your requirements. I can give you some tips as follows. Continue Reading →

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