Pressure pool cleaner reviews. What should you choose?

Cleaning pools is time consuming because we may have many trees around us and we may live in a valley where it just seems the wind blows so leaves, dirt and dust are constantly moving around. Therefore, it’s good to have an automatic pool cleaner who will do all the job. Pressure cleaners are good ones. So, how do we choose the best pressure pool cleaners? The first thing that we should watch is the ability of how big pool can the pool cleaner clean and choose type that is able to clean full size of our pool. Next very important thing that we have to consider is the quality of the cleaner. We should always look to choose from high quality automatic pool cleaners.

How they work? Pressure pool cleaners are traditional pool cleaners and were used a lot in the past, but they are still amazing and can clean your pool good. Pressure pool cleaners include booster pump and without the pump. Ones with the pump are most times more effective and better. They use the pressure of the water for removing debris and dirt. Some of the dirt is than sucked by the main filter and some of the dirt and debris goes straight to the bag which is attached next to the cleaner. If you have a built pool for pressure side cleaners, you can also easily use suction side cleaners. They are great, because we don’t have to worry a lot about clogging the main filter, because the bigger parts of debris, go straight in the filter bag attached to the cleaner.

Now, I’ve compiled a list of the best automatic pool cleaners that use the pressure generated from the pool pump to automatically clean your pool. The first one is the Polaris 280 and this type is extremely powerful and reliable device that was designed with speed and efficiency in mind. It can connect very easily to just about any pressure line, ensuring that all surfaces in your pool are kept clean and well maintained. It comes standard equipped with a filter bag that can capture all types of large debris, while removing them before they can damage your filter or pump basket, helping increase the life of your pool system. Next, it’s the Polaris 360. This device is among the most versatile available for purchase, as it can work in just about all in and above ground pools, operating without the need of a separate booster pump, ensuring constant energy efficiency. The powerful and heavy duty filter bag can help keep it clear of things such as leaves, twigs, and even larger pebbles and rocks.

However, they also have negative sides. First of all, we need a booster pump if we want that their work is done best. Moreover, they need a separate built pressure port, just for them, because they need a booster pump they consume most electricity of all 3 types of cleaners. In short, this type of automatic pool cleaners are great for people who have old pools with built in pressure ports just for pressure side cleaners and they can are still great and clean the pool so it will shine.

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