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In the present market, with a wide variety of swing designs, it seems to become more difficult and confusing to choose an appropriate one for mothers. We all know that mothers are usually engaged in doing housework, taking care of families and babies, let alone carrying out duties at offices. That is why there appears to have rarely any time for them to coming to every shop to pick up products and compare their functions. This work is quite irritating to them. In fact, there are always simple tips for selecting and assessing baby care products, including swing with the supply of baby swing reviews. I also want to show all the tips for this according to my accumulated experience. I would be very delighted if you could be concerned about this.


  1. Criteria for swing safety

All of use needs to buy a safe swing so what is a safe swing defined? Here are some criteria for you to give assessment to it:

The material

The material is of the first most importance. Swing safety consists of safety for babies’ manual health and safety for inside body – health. Therefore, there are also two types of materials that you have to assess.

  • Frame material

The first one is the material of the frame. We all understand that the frame will be the steadiest if it is made of wood. It can be pine wood to be the best. Wood material is selected and processed to make hard and firm legs for the baby swing. Based on this, you had better look for wooden swing only. Besides, there are other materials such as stainless steel that is very excellent. Each kind will show its different strength. So the important thing is that you have to count on your demand first than consider these tips.

  • Cushion material

Cushion or the mattress for the swing seat is the next part you have to take into consideration. The frame is able to keep the stability while cushion keep softness and comfort for babies. Thus, they are equally significant.

Nowadays, to insure the warmness as well as the delicacy of the cushion, people often use feather to make swing cushion. Feather is really light so it will give you more convenience to bring. However, if with just feather, the cushion will be very soft and it may have an adverse impact on babies’ back bones. This stuffed cushion will be pulpy and good for the spine development of babies.

  • The smell of material

As the swing is brand new, the smell of raw material and processed material still remain, especially the paint layer out the frame. Therefore, you must check the origin and characteristics of frame material, paint type and the cushion cloth to know whether they result in allergy for babies or not. It is better to select to buy the swing with all safe and friendly materials.

  1. Test the wheels

If a baby swing has wheels, it will be much convenient. When testing the functions of the swing, it is also essential to test the wheels in order to make sure that these wheels are strong enough to move easily and safely. If you are not certain that you will need wheels or not, you ought to buy a baby swing which has reassembled wheels. If your babies are quite afraid and not used to lying on a moving swing then you can take all the wheels out until your babies are ready for such moving. It will be very inconvenient if you purchase a no – wheel baby swing while your babies often insist on a movable one.

  1. The variety of functions
  • Main features

People are often much excited at baby swings which can show its variety of functions. A changeable swing to the other shapes will be attractive and favored by a lot of babies. Also, it is suitable for families who want to use baby swing for their babies when they are born until they are 4 or 5 years old. It will help them save more expenditure and provide comfort for each development stage of their babies.

  • Side – features

The multifunction of a baby swing also expresses through side – features. To illustrate, a modern baby swing often has a front toy hanger. Some swings have available toys which are not reassembled. Nonetheless, some other types just have a hanger and we can hang whatever kind of toy we like. You know that if babies have a toy in their hands, especially a big toy or plastic toys, they may have wound with it but if the toys are hung above, we do not need to worry about this as we can adjust the height of the hanger so that our babies cannot reach and pull the toys.

These are my tips for you to choose a swing. I will be very happy if any of them can be helpful for you.

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