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At the first stage since babies are born, their growing up speed is very high. It means they change a lot in their height, weight and their appearance, too. Therefore, during several first months, parents have to purchase baby – care products continuously.


When it comes to baby swing selecting, you may have irritating problems such as looking for prestigious shops, picking good items or considering prices.

Choosing best baby swing for older babies will become easier than ever before with my sharing bellows. As I am also a buyer who needs to buy such a swing, I want to share some useful things with you.

  1. Swing sizes compatible with the age of babies

It will be easier for you to order a swing that you intend to use for a short time (several months). However, if you are going to purchase a baby swing which is used for a long time during growing period of your babies, it will be difficult to determine exactly what size the swing is. You can only estimate the range of size of this swing. Here are some instructions for you to choose the fit one.

  • 60 x 100 centimeter: for newborn babies
  • 70 x 110 centimeter: for babies around 1 year old
  • 80 x 120 or 80 x 145 centimeter: for babies from 2 – 4 years old

However, you can absolutely order a swing that has the size you expect.

  1. Larger swing frames

Larger swing frames will create a sense of trust from parents. It is inevitable that the size of swing should be larger when your babies are older. Up to the present, people have been fond of the swing frame which consists of the following features:

  • Made of natural wood to increase the stability and balance
  • Structure large legs and base knobs with
  • Have quiet and flexible joints to fold into half
  • Have no boundary that may restrict the swinging range
  1. Larger seat

Space for babies need to be enlarged so that they feel comfortable while sleeping. If the seat has insufficient space, babies will have difficulty in bestirring. More severely, in case babies’ legs and arms are kept tight, it is easy for them to have bad dream that can make them shout and cry continuously at the midnight.

In addition to this, benefits of larger seat are seen as bellows:

  • More space more air

Of course, with more space, there will have more pure air for babies to breathe in and breathe out. Babies have small noses so the nostrils are small, too. There must have enough air provided so that babies’ respiratory system can work smoothly.

  • Roll comfortably

Babies often roll in and out around the swing even though the space is small. They are not aware of the swing size so in several cases, they may roll out of the edge and fall down.

Furthermore, when your babies are about 3 – 5 years old, they roll at larger distance, which requires a large enough space.

  • Avoid hard railings

As analyzed above, babies may fall if they roll in a small swinging with no edge. However, with a swing that has high railings, there is likelihood that babies hit the railings if they roll too strongly. Large swing will give much more space for rolling comfortably.

  1. Side – functions

Apart from this, older babies are very excited at side – functions such as:

  • Music knobs

Playing music is one of the most popular methods of stimulating babies brainstorming and response. Usually, babies dance or imitate the songs with their own voices, listening to a song.

What’s more, music knobs are to change from this song to the other song. Babies also have quick response to this. This side function is beneficial for babies’ emotion, too.

  • Turning hanging toys

If the swing has a bar to hang toys, it will be very interesting. However, if it has a turning hanger with spinning toys, your babies may get more fun.

It is more convenient if the swing has a mode to adjust the height of this turning hanger so that your babies do not have to look it up for too long.

  • Turning fan

The fan is useful in the summer. Playing will make babies generate sweat and the integrated fan will help cool them.

To sum up, there are a wide variety of swings for older babies with more range of styles. When babies are in their growing up stage, we had better stimulate their mind with everything around. A baby swing as described above will bring your babies with more experiences, excitement and enjoyment. I am confident that these tips are clear enough for you to select a suitable swing for your growing babies.

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