Why do pool cleaners appear and how they work?

Best robotic pool cleaners has came out and play an important role in cleaning pool become easier .


This robot can replace us scouring at a depth of 3 meters of the pool; suck  litter, moss, algae on the floor and garbage …

As recommended by the Preventative Medicine Center, the risk of spreading disease in the pool water which is not  ensure hygiene is very high. Therefore, in addition to change water in pool daily, we should concern on cleaning pool. Specifically, the public pool should be cleaned daily to maintain water quality in the limit to ensure hygiene. Additionally, algae and moss clinging to the walls and floor of the pool must also be removed.

Water pool need to be cleaned every day.

Sucking the dust cleanly

That is the obligate requirement in cleaning process for the pool but now in most of the pool, the cleaning is done only by hand, so even if the labor-intensive, the level of cleanliness still was not guaranteed. According to a representative of some Water Park,  the employee was using to clean the pool according to the manual methods with a large area take much time but still not ensure everything will be clean. In the deep-water area of 2.4 m, people must dive to clean up. That is not a simple work, take much time even take risk.

Not all the pool cleaners are the same. With the development  in science and technology, best robotic pool cleaner make the cleaning more convenient  and more effective than traditional cleaning methods. Compared with cleaning treatment by chemicals, we believe that  best pool cleaners will make water in the pool clean and less chemicals, safe for your health.

The scratch and  nozzle brush with high technology  help us suck all strange things , garbage, dirty water,.. All will be filtered through garbage bags then returned to pool water completely cleaned including the areas which was supposed need to use a  large amounts of chemicals to clean. Chemicals also unsuitable for the pool cleaner in cleaning  process . Without chemical the pool will not only clean abut also safe.

Best robotic pool cleaners is a vital invention in helping clean water pool.

 Pressure Cleaning

Strong chemical cleansers help clean surface but will leave in place the backwater a residual surplus. Robotic pool cleaners also use pressure from booster pump to clean dirt areas completely .

Not only scouring pool, small impurities like dust in the pool is also sucked into the filter bags and cleaning. This is the outstanding advantages of the robot than human manual.

suction-side and pressure-side cleaners are working based  on the pool’s main pump and filter system. They will remove contaminants from the pool water, so cannot remove particles smaller than the pore size of the pool’s existing filter element. Such elements can be made of diatomaceous earth, sand, zeolite or other natural or synthetic materials. Diatomaceous filters only work with the particle size ranges from under 5 µm and  in excess of 50 µm for sand filters. But the disadvantages of these types of pool cleaners are the additional of using  electricity, and the pore size of the main filter element was limited, as well to attach the device to the ports that connect to the main pump and filter take much time and effort, and the increased burden of maintenance time and expense on the pool’s mechanics.

Flexibility in water


Robot operation is based on the principle of suction push. Dirty water and debris are drawn into the heart of the robot by motor pumps, garbage is retained in the body of the robot through the garbage bag, the water is pushed out as the principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner. Thus, the type of moss, algae on the floor and waste products, impurities, sand and gravel in the bottom of pool are depleted. The robot can work at a depth of 3 m.

Cleaning pools without cleaners is not just time consuming, it is also boring and beside than you also have to had other special equipment go along with. Now everything will be simple with the best pool cleaner

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