Top 10 compound bows under $500 (part 1)

Everybody has their right to choose their favorite sports; however, not all people have means to them, for instance, archery. To have the best compound bow, the archer, sometimes, have to spend a lot of money. Yet, it does not mean that you can get one with reasonable prices. And in this article, we will guide you in making the right selection in the best compound bow for the money.


Parker Blazer

The very first advantage of this bow is the dual cam system can send arrows at 295 fps IBO, suiting up to eighty percent of let – off archers. A small talk about its dimensions, the draw length is 26 – 31 inches and its brace height is about 7 1/2 inches, helping archers to shoot easily. The full size of this Parker is 32.5 – inches axle – to – axle.

About the finished grip, it is made from walnut in style of two pieces in addition to the standard integrated wrist sling, making the compound bow become absolutely perfect. Its 2 limbs weigh about 45 – 60 pounds and 55 – 70 pounds. The most important is that right and left – handed archers can use this bow and for more detailed, its model is NEXT G-1 camo.

Hoyt ProHawk

The Hoyt ProHawk is very easy to use in shooting thanks to its brace height of 7.25 inches in addition to 32 inches in axle – to – axle measurement. The draw weight of this bow is about 20 – 60 pounds.

In 4 – pounds of mass weight, the Hoyt ProHawk can release 305 fps and on the other hand, the shot vibration can be reduced to the minimum thanks to the integrated limb vibration. One more benefit is the pro – lock limb pockets as well as the pro-fit grip make the compound bow more favorable to customers

Alpine Archery F2 Liberator

Reminding to the Alpine Archery F2 Liberator, the most famous feature that plays an important role in building the brand and popularity of Idaho Company is its high quality. Its axle – to – axle measurement is 30 inches and the bow can shoot a respectable 315 fps alongside a 3.5 – pound mass weight.

About the dimensions, the draw weight of this Alpine Archery F2 Liberator is 60 -70 pounds and the draw length is 27 – 30 inches. The rosewood grip plus the hard-anodized brown hardware and an antiqued medallion makes the bow more benefit and become perfect.

Alpine Blush

There is a special feature in the Alpine Blush apart from its reasonable price; it is the design for women. From that point, if any lady wants to have a shooter with high performance, you can pick up this one as the most suitable bow. Besides, if you are carrying an Alpine Blush, it is sure that you will get the surrounding attention because of its outlandish finishes.

In full size, the axle – to – axle measures up to 30 inches and the mass weight is 3.5 pounds as the respectable length. The draw length is 24 – 27 inches and the weight is 40 – 50 pounds.

In sum

All four compound bows above are associated with full features and dimension (the draw weight, the draw height, the mass weight…) to serve readers of the best choice.

We will have more detailed compound bows with reasonable price in part two of the article,

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